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If you know me at all, you know that I am seldom far away from my camera.

My interest started as a teenager at senior school when I could be found between classes, at sporting events, etc. taking shots of the pupils and teachers. I primarily used 35mm film, but was occasionally seen with an 8mm movie camera and as a young lad, joined the Edinburgh Cine Society to learn more about that media. Television seemed like a promising career to combine my photography and electronics passions, but I was persuaded to go to university first and study Electronics (sound advice as it turned out).

I built my own darkroom at home in the 1960s, and while going through University managed to make "spending money" by doing professional wedding photography (black and white). At University, I was active in the amateur Television Society, which was fun but helped me see that I should pursue my electronics vocation and keep the photography media as a hobby. This was a decision that in hindsight I have never regretted, letting me enjoy the "boom" years of semiconductor technology with the art of photography - only to enjoy seeing them converge completely in today's digital age.

As the years progressed, I retained my active 35mm hobby, recording trips, locations, family, friends, events, and eventually - as every Dad does - the baby, infant and toddler years - and beyond. My main interest has been 35mm photography, but I also grew to enjoy video media for certain subjects.

Our current home, which we moved into in 1989 had a small darkroom - a key attraction for me at first - but I never used it for 15 years until Susan's Junior year at High School, when she took a photography course. I blew the dust off and set up the darkroom to let her do her "homework" at home instead of the school's photo lab. Of course, she had a bit of extra tutoring and her "A" grade was well deserved. Here's where to see her work.

The more recent digital photography media has revitalized my interest in photography. I have decided to place some of my work at this site for anyone who wants to take the time to view it. Just click on either the menu items at the top for a topic or on the photos to the right.



welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

"You don't take a photograph,

you make it."

Ansel Adams

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